Paper jewelry

You can make earrings or pendants from small origami pieces. While searching for other ways to make paper jewelry I discovered paper beads. With a little lacquer they turn out marvelous. Look at the… Continue reading


I got the hang of making toys. With the help of Carmen, a dear colleague,  I also learned how to crochet stuffed toys. We made a few for Children’s Day, they were quite a… Continue reading

3D origami

While looking for other ways to improve our skills and create fun stuff we stumbled upon the 3D origami technique. You can create almost everything with small paper pieces, put together in a… Continue reading

Origami bonsai

The origami club we held at work was not that popular, we needed to think of ways to gather more members. So what was better than an origami bonsai competition, since our interest in Japanese… Continue reading

How it all started

As time passed, I forgot how much I enjoyed handmade projects. I have only made simple jewelry from beads, stones and charms so far and never tried something else. Until I discovered paper… Continue reading